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The Pieces We Keep

The Pieces We Keep - Kristina McMorris Audra Hughes has been trying to hold on to her life after losing her husband. Their son, Jack has been having terrible nightmares and Audra is at her wits end trying to figure it why this is happening. THE PIECES WE KEEP brings the past smack right into the present with Jacks nightmares. One day, while getting ready to fly to a job interview in Philadelphia, Jack seems very upset about having to get on the plane. Once on the plane, Jack has a major meltdown and the pilots decide to turn back and get Jack and Audra off the plane. Jack's nightmares get worse after that and while trying to calm him down Audra picks up bit and pieces of a mystery that goes way back to World War II. THE PIECES WE KEEP alternates between the 30's and 40's and the present with each chapter. A stunning story that you can't help but getting wrapped up in. I can easily see this being made into a movie! I loved all the characters and while my heart was breaking for some of them, I was cheering them on at the same time. Kristina is one of my favorite authors and THE PIECES WE KEEP proves exactly why. I couldn't stop flipping the pages and couldn't wait until the mystery was solved. I had no idea it would end the way it did but I absolutely loved the ending. Five stars all the way! READ THIS BOOK!!!I will be doing a full review on Fresh Fiction!
Geekus Interruptus - Mickey J. Corrigan Marcy Buenaventure Margate is married to a Geek named Jess Margate. Marcy is worried abut her geek husband . Is he not attracted to her anymore? When they make love it is always sweet and easy. Lately, they haven't been making love at all. Marcy misses the days of wild sex with many different partners. Is she willing to give up what she has with Jess to get that back? Should she go out and have an affair to get back at him? Is he cheating on her? What is Jess hiding from Marcy? You have to read GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS to find out! I'm not telling!One night, Marcy has enough of these feelings and lets Jess have it! She wants answers and she wants them now. He lets her have at it and after she teases him and screams at him and drives him wild with desire, she walks away leaving him speechless. How he acts after that drives Marcy even crazier!Even though this novella was only forty pages, it packed a punch! I was mad at Jess and was like, Geez, if Geeks cheat what does that mean for the rest of us?? I was instantly caught up in Marcy and Jess' marriage and had to find out how they were going to get past this. I really liked the characters in GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS and love Mickey's style of writing! This is my first read by Mickey Corrigan but it won't be my last! A very strong four stars for me! If you are looking for a quick funny read you can't go wrong with GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS.
Carolina Reckoning - Lisa Cox Carter Carolina ReckoningCarolina Reckoning by Lisa Carter is an awesome murder mystery by a wonderful Christian author. The book is not preachy, I promise you. It was a very quick read for me and there was plenty of suspense and mystery to keep me reading late into the night. CAROLINA RECKONING is the story of Allison Monaghan. She has recently found out that her husband Frank has been guilty of infidelity. When she finally gets up the nerve to confront him it's too late. Frank is found dead.This is where Allison meets homicide detective Mike Barefoot. He is a hot hunk of a man who happens to be a Cherokee native. At first Mike thinks Allison is the one who killed her husband, but as he gets to know her better, he knows that's wrong. He starts to get close to her and his feelings grow. Even though Allison's marriage was over a long time ago he knows he can not act on these feelings. The ending was perfect and I had no idea who did it until Lisa told me! Will Allison ever be able to open up her heart again or will her marriage to Frank ruin her forever? I'm not telling! You are going to have to read the book yourself to find out! You won't be sorry!
Second Chance Grill - Christine Nolfi Second Chance Grill is book one in the Liberty Series! I loved this book! I want to go and live in Liberty and have breakfast every morning at the grill and dive into all the local gossip. It was like reading about a group of friends. I can not wait to continue this series!Second Chance Grill is owned by Mary. She was given the diner by her aunt and is a doctor. To say she has no idea how to run a diner isn't saying much! She is so way over her head but luckily the towns people help her out. She meets the man who runs the auto repair shop, Anthony and his daughter Blossom! This is when her life is really going to get turned upside down. She is instantly attracted to Anthony as he is to her but both don't act on their feelings.The situations these people get into is just too funny. I loved all the characters in SECOND CHANCE GRILL and can't wait to continue to get to know them!
A White Room - Stephanie  Carroll A White RoomStephanie CarrollA debut novel by Stephanie Carroll full of surprises. After the death of her father puts her family into poverty, Emma marries John Dorr. its the only thing she can do to help her mother and sisters. John moves them to Labellum, Missouri, where she knows no one and is not welcomed by the society women. Their gothic house has an unusual effect on Emma. She sees furniture moving and people and creatures staring at her from empty rooms. It is almost as if the house is alive. The house is down right creepy and Emeline needs to escape from it.I wasn't sure how I really felt about Emeline. Yes she was in a loveless marriage and struggles with many things. Was it admiration or pity that I was feeling for her? Stephanie made me think about how I really felt about abortion and assisted suicide. All in all, a good but difficult read about feminism and realistic historical fiction. Emeline sacrificed so much for her family and at times my heart broke for her and other times, I wanted to shake some sense into her.
The Sassy Belles - Beth Albright I just loved this book! I found myself laughing out loud as I was falling in love with Sonny(of course) and cheering for Blake! There was romance and mystery but not too much romance! I can't wait to read the rest of the series and I'm sure the other books will be just as good as this one was! I'm not from the South but know plenty of people who are and Beth is spot on in her descriptions and the way things are there!
Little Island - Katharine Britton Little IslandKatharine BrittonLITTLE ISLAND is the story of the Little family.  They own an inn in Maine and the family's getting together for their grandmother's  memorial service.  Grace was very very close to her mother and wonders if she will be able to give her mother the memorial service she deserves. Graces's children Joy, Tamar and Tamar's twin Roger will all be coming.   The Littles lives were changed twenty years ago when the twins were involved in a car accident that killed a family friend.  This family is so dysfunctional and has so many secrets.  As the story goes on, you learn some of them and how they have effected everyone! I loved LITTLE ISLAND and once I got into it and gave it the time it deserved I couldn't stop turning the pages.  This story has it all, love, jealousy, hate, lots of secrets and wonderful characters.

For Everly

For Everly - Raine Thomas For EverlyRaine ThomasFilled With Unexpected Twists and TurnsFOR EVERLY was my first read by author Raine Thomas.  It is the story of Everly Wallace and Cole Parker.  Everly has had a very hard life.  Tragedy hit her family when she was young and her father left them and her mother just couldn't deal with all of that. She became an addict to deal with all the pain and it slowly killed her.  She has basically been raised by her grand father, Pee Paw.  She also tends to keep people at arms length and has never shared her past with anyone.   She is going to school to become a physical therapist and one of her teachers introduces her to his brother, professional baseball player Cole Parker.Cole had an injured shoulder and it is his contract year.  He wants to fix the shoulder but not let anyone know he is injured.  His brother, Wyatt comes  with the idea of Everly treating Cole and she is scared to death.  She has always been a fan of his and isn't sure if she is up to spending so much time alone with Cole.  He offers her a ton of money and she really needs it to help with the nurse she hires to help Pee Paw.  She agrees and now the fun begins.  Everly has many secrets and she is not sharing them with anyone especially Cole.  As soon as he meets Everly he becomes very protective of her but not  in a smothering kind of way.  Slowly but surely he finds them out and while she is sure they are going to change his opinion of her she is wrong.  They only strengthen his feelings for her.I really enjoyed their story and fell in love with Cole almost instantly.  Once I started reading, the book flowed very easily for me and I was soon caught up in Everly and Coles' relationship.  What's not to love about a naive woman and a hot hunky baseball player?  There is romantic tension in FOR EVERLY that at times, will have you laughing out loud.  I kept turning the pages because the suspense was killing me.  There are unexpected twists and turns and it keeps  you interested until the very last page.  
Starry Night - Debbie Macomber I won I won!!! Thank you so much Melissa for telling me about this!!
The Guest House - Erika Marks This is my review for Fresh Fiction for this awesome book!http://freshfiction.com/review.php?id=38473
The Bridge Club - Patricia Sands I really enjoyed this book! It was my first time reading a Patricia Sands book and I'm looking forward to reading more.  THE BRIDGE CLUB is the story of a group of women that takes place over more than four decades.  Each chapter is told by one of the women and as you get to know them you can't help but get all caught up in their lives and friendship.      The end of the book was different for me.  One of the women is going through something very traumatic but Patricia doesn't tell you the name of who it is.  She drops hints but never actually tells you who it is.   This was an awesome read and very hard to put down.  THE BRIDGE CLUB isn't really about bridge, although the women play it all the time.  Its more about friendship and being there when a friend needs you.  Lifelong lessons that each of the women learn will leave you wanting more.  Great job Patricia and thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book.
The Wishing Hill: A Novel - Holly Robinson The Wishing HillHolly RobinsonWow!! I truly loved THE WISHING HILL from the very first page. Holly pulls you right in and never lets you go! I was totally caught up in all the characters lives and found myself cheering for Juliet along the way! She learns some deep secrets about herself and her family. Everything she thought was her life was a total lie. From her idiot, soon to be ex husband to her own mother.  She has been dealt a pretty harsh hand and now must find a way to deal with it and learn to move on.  What will she choose? Who will she be with? You are going to have to read THE WISHING HILL to find out! I was flipping the pages like crazy, I couldn't stop! I had to see how the story was going to end. Many times I wanted to take Desiree and shake her to death! How can anyone be so mean spirited?  I was yelling at Juliet to just run away from her! THE WISHING HILL deals with family, love, secrets, choices, forgiveness, and learning about your past and moving on. Secrets can be a very bad thing and can lead to a life time of regrets.  I loved this book and can't wait to read more by Holly! Five stars all the way for me!
Depraved Heart: A Novel - Kathleen Valentine A Depraved HeartKathleen ValentineI couldn't stop reading this book!! So many twists and turns and it kept me guessing right up to the very end! Great ending too! If you haven't read a Kathleen Valentine book yet, you really are missing out.  Not too much romance, just the right amount. Plenty of mystery suspense and twists and turns! Kathleen is now one of my go to authors!!
Pink Slips and Glass Slippers - J.P. Hansen Pink Slips and Glass SlippersJ. P. HansenI was  leery about reading a contemporary romance by a man. Can it really be done? Well, let me tell you.......YES!!!! I loved PINK SLIPS AND GLASS SLIPPERS. I was instantly caught up in the characters love and yes I'll admit it, I want Chase as my book boyfriend!! I loved the chemistry between Brooke and Chase even when they were fighting! Brooke is a recent widow and the company she works for is bought out by a much bigger one.  She loved her old job and hates the new one.  The CEO is so full of himself or so she thinks but is totally hot! Oh yeah, and he's married. She  is instantly attracted to him as he is to her. at her friends wedding she is smashed and tries to get into the elevator and guess who's arms she falls into? Yup, Chase!! If you want to find out what happens next you are going to have to read this quick and funny book yourself! Four stars!! I loved it!!
Stealing Harper - Molly McAdams Wow!!! Molly just ripped my heart out and stepped all over it once again!!
Beautiful Disaster - Laura Spinella I loved this book!! How could this be a debut novel?? For me, it was perfect! It pulled me right in and never  let me go! Mia is a college student when she meets Flynn, an older drifter who is nothing like she would ever go for but for some reason she is drawn to him.  Flynn comes with many mysteries and Mia tries to get him to knock down the walls to his heart and let her in.They have a wild relationship until one day, Flynn disappears.  No note, no good bye, no anything! Mia is devastated and she never really gets over him.  Fast forward, twelve years later. Mia is married to someone else, not really happy but trying to get on with her life.  One day, she gets  a call from her best friend, Roxanne, a doctor.  She tells Mia that Flynn is back.  He was in a really bad motor cycle accident and is barely hanging on.  All of her old feelings come rushing back to Mia and she runs to him.Beautiful Disaster took hold of my heart and pulled me right in to the story of Mia and Flynn.  I found myself hurrying through the pages because I had to know how it was all going to come together in the end.  I was not disappointed.  I can't wait to read more by Laura.