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For Everly - Raine Thomas For EverlyRaine ThomasFilled With Unexpected Twists and TurnsFOR EVERLY was my first read by author Raine Thomas.  It is the story of Everly Wallace and Cole Parker.  Everly has had a very hard life.  Tragedy hit her family when she was young and her father left them and her mother just couldn't deal with all of that. She became an addict to deal with all the pain and it slowly killed her.  She has basically been raised by her grand father, Pee Paw.  She also tends to keep people at arms length and has never shared her past with anyone.   She is going to school to become a physical therapist and one of her teachers introduces her to his brother, professional baseball player Cole Parker.Cole had an injured shoulder and it is his contract year.  He wants to fix the shoulder but not let anyone know he is injured.  His brother, Wyatt comes  with the idea of Everly treating Cole and she is scared to death.  She has always been a fan of his and isn't sure if she is up to spending so much time alone with Cole.  He offers her a ton of money and she really needs it to help with the nurse she hires to help Pee Paw.  She agrees and now the fun begins.  Everly has many secrets and she is not sharing them with anyone especially Cole.  As soon as he meets Everly he becomes very protective of her but not  in a smothering kind of way.  Slowly but surely he finds them out and while she is sure they are going to change his opinion of her she is wrong.  They only strengthen his feelings for her.I really enjoyed their story and fell in love with Cole almost instantly.  Once I started reading, the book flowed very easily for me and I was soon caught up in Everly and Coles' relationship.  What's not to love about a naive woman and a hot hunky baseball player?  There is romantic tension in FOR EVERLY that at times, will have you laughing out loud.  I kept turning the pages because the suspense was killing me.  There are unexpected twists and turns and it keeps  you interested until the very last page.