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Pink Slips and Glass Slippers - J.P. Hansen Pink Slips and Glass SlippersJ. P. HansenI was  leery about reading a contemporary romance by a man. Can it really be done? Well, let me tell you.......YES!!!! I loved PINK SLIPS AND GLASS SLIPPERS. I was instantly caught up in the characters love and yes I'll admit it, I want Chase as my book boyfriend!! I loved the chemistry between Brooke and Chase even when they were fighting! Brooke is a recent widow and the company she works for is bought out by a much bigger one.  She loved her old job and hates the new one.  The CEO is so full of himself or so she thinks but is totally hot! Oh yeah, and he's married. She  is instantly attracted to him as he is to her. at her friends wedding she is smashed and tries to get into the elevator and guess who's arms she falls into? Yup, Chase!! If you want to find out what happens next you are going to have to read this quick and funny book yourself! Four stars!! I loved it!!