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Barefoot in November - Benjamin J. Carey BAREFOOT IN NOVEMBER is a real life account of Ben Carey.  His wife is Nicole.  He is as heathy as an ox, always takes care of himself, and is as stubborn as a bull! There  is a history of heart disease in his family.  After feeling fatigue for a while and it not being the norm for Ben, his wife finally gets him to make an appointment for a stress test.  He is diagnosed with a aortic aneurysm.  The same thing that killed John Ritter.  Ben refuses to believe it is that bad until he talks with some life saving friends and family members.  He is only 37 years old. His wife is pregnant and they also have two small children. Wow!! Talk about a bump in the road huh?I don't usually read true life stories but I sure am glad I read the one!   His  story would surely be helpful to someone going through with the same life changing issues. It was very warm and heart breaking at times, but also funny and uplifting! Ben is very honest in his book and some readers might take it as naive but he was only 37 at the time, more fit than some people half his age. I can totally understand his was of thinking at first.  If you are dealing with a life threatening issue, this is an awesome read and it shouldn't be missed!