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Geekus Interruptus - Mickey J. Corrigan Marcy Buenaventure Margate is married to a Geek named Jess Margate. Marcy is worried abut her geek husband . Is he not attracted to her anymore? When they make love it is always sweet and easy. Lately, they haven't been making love at all. Marcy misses the days of wild sex with many different partners. Is she willing to give up what she has with Jess to get that back? Should she go out and have an affair to get back at him? Is he cheating on her? What is Jess hiding from Marcy? You have to read GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS to find out! I'm not telling!One night, Marcy has enough of these feelings and lets Jess have it! She wants answers and she wants them now. He lets her have at it and after she teases him and screams at him and drives him wild with desire, she walks away leaving him speechless. How he acts after that drives Marcy even crazier!Even though this novella was only forty pages, it packed a punch! I was mad at Jess and was like, Geez, if Geeks cheat what does that mean for the rest of us?? I was instantly caught up in Marcy and Jess' marriage and had to find out how they were going to get past this. I really liked the characters in GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS and love Mickey's style of writing! This is my first read by Mickey Corrigan but it won't be my last! A very strong four stars for me! If you are looking for a quick funny read you can't go wrong with GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS.