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Last Flight from Flagstaff

Last Flight from Flagstaff - Beth  Carpenter Last Flight From FlagstaffBeth CarpenterIn LAST FLIGHT FROM FLAGSTAFF we meet Donna Zimmer. She receives a call from an old friend's daughter needing help. It comes out of the blue, throws her for a loop, but she is compelled to fly out and help her.  It seems that her fiancées company owes her late father's company a few mortgage payments. Before she knows it Donna is on a plane to Arizona to help Kristen Meredith out.Once Donna gets to Arizona, she tries to get Kristen to tell her what is going on. Kristen keeps avoiding the subject and finally Donna sits her down and gets her to talk.  It seems that Kristen is afraid to ask Matt, her fiancée why his company is behind in payments. She is afraid of making him angry.  Donna starts to investigate the businesses and finds big problems.  While doing this, she meets Matt's uncle Blake.  Donna is immediately taken with him and the fun begins.I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting.  It is filled with mystery, love, and even some giggles.  I couldn't stop turning the pages and just had to know how it was all going to end.   The ending was really good and everything was wrapped up nicely.  Well done Beth.  I'm looking forward to reading more of your books.